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About United Exhaust

United Exhaust Shop is one of the few muffler shops in the United States, and the only muffler shop on Long Island in New York with a Mandrel Bending Machine.  Have you ever wondered why every muffler shop doesn't offer Mandrel Bending?  It's simple; the shop that has the equipment and tooling required to Mandrel Bend has over $100,000 invested.  We at United Exhaust have the experience to offer you the absolute best in Exhaust System Technology.  This machine allows us to produce a product that will give you the MOST POWER POSSIBLE!

1 Flowrite mandrel

Mandrel Bending Machine



Pipes are critical for High Performance.  

Size and design are important as well.

Choosing the correct size pipes for your

engine or application is important for a


Bigger is not always better!




Up until now we haven't had any in New York.  United Exhaust gives you a choice of Standard Bent or Mandrel Bend Pipes.  We offer Mild Steel, Aluminized, two grades of Stainless Steel, 409 and 304.  At United Exhaust Shop, you can choose any muffler for your system.  No other muffler shop can give you that many choices and the choices are YOURS!